you need
  • decoy duck, stuffed duck, twine, Georgia (stones), hut
lure drake you can imitating the voice of a female of the same species, spread onwater stuffed ducks.However, the most perfect bait for kryakovyh drakes - specially bred decoy, which are seated on the water instead of stuffed.
During continuous flight of ducks bring a hunting decoy duck (or even two), several different kinds of stuffed ducks.If passage in the spring found a variety of ducks, you will need a set of stuffed animals of several species - teals, mallards, ducks, etc. Kirkovo
Select a location for the bait.Typically, these are large bodies of water, located on the main lines of flight of ducks.
arrange the Scarecrow by type, in a mess (not series).They have to stand near the hut on a broad front, to be clearly visible from the outside and from a distance seem a flock of ducks, sitting down to feed.
Ambush arrange so that from it the most distant scarecrows were no more than fifteen meters.Stuffed put on sturdy leashes, one end of the leash while attach to the load (stone svinchatke) or metal anchors.The other end of the wire to attach the brackets driven into the bottom of the scarecrow.The length of the leash should be one meter higher than the depth of the pond.
decoy duck plant on the thin and strong twine slightly longer lengths, making load heavier (about a kilogram).Duck decoy is located directly in front of the place where the hunter is sitting, stuffed arrange on both sides of it.Make sure to leashes and stuffed decoy is not messed up.
During the approach duck hunter must shout, imitating the voice of a certain kind of ducks, uttering two or three jerky urge.Enticing voice kryakovyh drakes is not necessary - it does decoy duck.
Hunt "on semolina" is made from the shore or from a boat.When hunting shore pre-build the shelter in a hut.A place for shelter, choose so that you can put a stuffed animal and replanting without the aid of a boat, using only high boots.
To build the hut pick up the branches of 2-3 cm thick, to strengthen them in the ground at one end, and the upper ends of the tie.On top of the branches put hoop 2-3 branches and attach them with ropes.This tent is convenient because it can be moved from place to place.Fixed tent mask the branches of bushes, grass and hay.