you need
  • Hook,
  • bait.
If you are chosen as a bait worm to spread it in three ways.The first method - Mounting the single worm.Close the worm is punctured in three places.Small or medium-sized enough to pierce two.The second way - securing a few worms.Three of the worm is placed on the hook and move further along the line.Last, the worm gear is worn to the same manner as in the first method.Worms, impaled before, down to the hook.The third way - Mounting the very large worm.His pierced several times.Then, the hook is put the last part of the worm.Ideally, most of the worm's body should be on the hook.
your bait - maggots.On the hook stick can be as one, and a few maggots.Number maggots used in the bait, is dependent on the size and depth of the fish pond.Maggots should not cover his body sharp edge hook.If this happens, you wil
l be hard hook in the fish.It is therefore necessary to control the hook each time throwing.
Mounting the moth.Skewer bloodworms dry hands, as it is wet and sticks to the fingers.Take a joker with two fingers.His dark head facing up.Keep moth carefully, without squeezing it.We have a few phalanxes bloodworms.Pierce the tip of the hook the second and third phalanx.Then move quickly bait on the hook.If you pierce the bottom of the crank, the fish that bite him, can rip him off the hook.
┼╗ywiec better stick right in the water.If this is not possible, take the bait fish with wet hands or a damp cloth.This will keep the mucous layer of fish.You can sit down bait in the head, tail or back.If you pierce the bait in the head, then the hook is fixed to the lips.This method is suitable for fishing in strong currents.Spitted by the tail, pierce through the body of the hook.Try not to touch the ridge.For fishing in the low flow or from the bottom, live bait is pushed behind, threading the hook at the top fin.