not kill Flemeth .According to many players, this is the most difficult battle throughout the game, but because it makes sense to avoid it.To do this, or do not agree on a quest Morrigan (slightly ruin her relationship), or in the dialogue with the fairy choose the most peaceful replicas.Book in any case you will get and the quest will be completed.
most valuable character in combat is the Wynn.Pobespokoytes about how to pass the time, she was on your team.It makes sense to get the character as soon as possible: you will need skills development resurrection.In addition you will need a doctor "tank" - a character who will be able to take on most of the attacks of the enemy.The rest of the team - archers and mages.Be sure to fil
l in the pre-inventory: type some potions (preferably giving protection), buy a couple of dozen medicinal poultices (rational all - small).
Try to go as much as possible early in the quest.The game is built autobalance system, and because the hero of the 10th level, the battle began to encounter much less resistance than a trained soldier.However, the opposite situation is possible - on the 20th stage of development to go Flemeth can be a lot easier, thanks to the discovery and development of skills.It all depends on character class.Start your quest twice, remaining before you enter the hut.If the fight is too complicated, download the game and return to the job later.
Flemeth -Dragon does not move at the hut.Throughout the battle, it will water your characters fire, but will remain in place.Therefore, the most successful tactic is as follows (see. The team from 2): War is necessary to send a strong hand to hand, after "overhang" it all possible aura, protecting and activating all the tricks (mandatory installation avtolecheniya minimal healing poultices).Wynn should raise the fighter sincehe would die several times.The other characters are placed at the corners of the room - with bows and offensive spells.