I learn belly dancing for seven years and the other two directions parallel strip of plastic and reggaeton, but it is belly dancing, in my opinion, carries the power of femininity.Belly dance - an ancient art that has penetrated from India to Egypt in the tenth century.

modern version of this dance direction emerged in the early twentieth century, he has incorporated elements of Latin dance and academic ballet.Because of this, the development of competent and skillfully

manage the performance is not as fast as we would like.Quickly mastering the only one who has a dance and choreographic skills.For example, you used to be engaged in ballroom dancing or rhythmic gymnastics, then you are more likely to achieve success quickly, but even if you have no base may reach the heights and dance beautifully.

Modern School separates the two areas: classical Egyptian and Turkish styles.All over the world, including in Russia, the most popular is the Egyptian style.It includes folk direction.Dance more chaste, graceful, looks more organically, unlike the Turkish direction.

Arab classical music is complex and multifaceted for the perception of European consciousness.The rhythms of Arabic music are divided into basic and filling.For competent performance should be able to hear a fraction of that found in the musical phrase, as well as for the transmission of emotions and moods to transfer a song or learn the Arabic language, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an Arab, to master the style and flow of dance, especially folk directions.

in our country and around the world there are plenty of festivals and competitions, where each dancer is able to demonstrate its performance and to be assessed on its merits.One has only to see once and for all professional performance fall in love with this kind of dance.Just depends on the dancers, where will be held the line between low-grade performance and feminine art.