Lezghinka - an ancient folk dance of the Caucasian peoples.It is difficult today to tell where it originated, this championship is disputed by many.Lezginka - a unique dance.Graceful, with a very clear and sharp movements, showing the strength, beauty and pride of the dancer.

beautiful dance

Legend has it that the ancient Caucasian lezginka dancing warriors before battle - having special power, raised the spirit of the dance, giving courage and bravery.The prototype lezginka are ancient ritual dances.It absorbed all the best that there is in the dances of the Caucasus.It fascinates, attracts clockwork rhythm so that the legs themselves being asked to dance, and the whole body begins to move to the beat of rapid melodies.Lezghinka not leave anyone indifferent.

unifying lezginka

Lezginka dance more than 100 people (Karachai, Balkars, Avars, Lezgins, Circassians, Circassians, Georgians, Armenians, Azeris, and others).Each of them has its own specific movements, but there are those that are performed at all the same.Language dance all alone.There lezginka acts as a cultural "bridge" between the nations.Caucasians can get anywhere in a big circle and start dancing lezginka.They do not need to tell each other something - the rhythm will make it myself.


Melody lezginka dynamic, clear.The pace is fast.The musical size - 6/8.Posture is very important: a man holds an extremely straight, stretched like a string.Chest vypyachena slightly forward.Almost all of the dance goes on tiptoes.Jerky movements, sharp.Around the body of beauty, grace and at the same time, courage and strength.Hands spread out like the wings of an eagle, and the legs make dozens of movements per minute.

Man and woman

Lezginka - a predominantly male dance, because it demonstrates a purely masculine qualities - courage, strength and militancy.Woman dancing lezginka to the general public, should not follow the movement of your partner, making sharp attacks - it is indecent.She should be feminine.Back erect, upbeat collections, smile, gentle waving of hands, graceful steps - so lezginka dancing girl.

Another thing - a close circle of friends, where you can completely surrender to the dance.Women like mad with pleasure, put all his soul and passion.And how differently?After Lezginka - a dance groovy, hot, love all peoples.Before it is impossible to resist.