Modern Dance always relevant!They are always moving forward, constantly changing and improving.At all times, modern dance provides a unique opportunity to study all styles of dance moves, and contributed to the discovery of new roles in a person.


waacking Fashionable today is a blend of go-go club and model pozirovok.This dance embodies the kind of glamor and theater with a focus on the work of the hands.Here the dancer from the required maximum emancipation, freedom and creativity of the choreography.Education waacking develops expressiveness and sense of rhythm, and in the future will easily cope with other dance styles.In today's show business waacking widely used to create colorful and spectacular dance performances.Popular group Kazaki dancing in this unusual style.


Each frequenter of night discos certainly should master this style.This dance is characterized by the active work of the whole body with movements of both breakdance, hip hop, jazz, Latin, tap dance and so on. There was a house, as the direction in France, almost simultaneously with the emergence of house music.This dance is dynamic movements of the whole body and the broad strokes of the hands.Special highlight style house is considered to be a complex footwork in combination with wave-like body movements.This dance is performed in this direction a lot of competitions of various sizes.


This style got its name from the homonymous parties, which have become very popular in one of the trendy clubs of Paris.Modern tectonics most guys dancing.The basis of the style elements are rotational movements of the hands, together with legs, which are connected to a single line of dance.Usually Tecktonik dancing in tight jeans, a T-shirt with an unusual print, sneakers, and the music for the dance is heavy electronic techno.


style, came thirty years ago from America, it is still relevant and is a classic of modern dance.The most spectacular dance with acrobatic and theatrical elements.Bboys often call themselves "fighters with gravity", and the breakdance lovingly referred to as "humanity's last chance."Indeed, because of this freedom of movement and freestyle is not found in any of the dance styles.In recent years, breakdance slightly passed their position, because it requires a lot of dedication and hard training.