At the heart of the traditional costume Flamenco gypsy motifs are: heavy heels, provides a clear rhythm, and wide, colorful skirts of flowing fabrics.Only properly chosen skirt can create a sensual and temperamental way bailaors - flamenco dancer.The costumes for performances and rehearsals can be significant differences between them, but in any case the style of the skirt must meet certain standards.


Classic coloring material for the skirt flamenco dancer - red, black, white or tissue in a large pea, but is allowed and the use of bright colorful fabric with an abstract pattern.Material for sewing skirts must be flowing and dense to provide a spectacular dancer the opportunity to play with the hem - for this purpose will not fit very light, weightless fabric.Most often, fl
amenco skirt sewn from satin, crepe satin, "wet" silk.

Croy products should be obliged to emphasize the line of the hips and dancers have an extension in the hem.As a basis for taking style skirt the year, "shestiklinku", "newsboy cap" or heavily flared skirt with basque.Along the length of the product shall cover the shoes, but it is important to remember that flamenco dancing on knees slightly bent legs, whereby the hem a bit longer.

compulsory element of stage costume for the dance are the frills, flounces, vtachnye wedges or train.Number of frills can be arbitrary, but do not forget that the more of them there are, the harder and harder to dress dancers perform a dance.Some styles of flamenco are designed for a narrow special step to perform is in the skirts at the knee may be restricting movement enclosing wire.In order to give a special splendor of ruffles and beauty, sometimes double and sew fabric in contrasting colors.In processing the edges of flounces and frills allowed the use of lace.

rehearsal costume

Suit for training may be a little easier Concert: permitted length skirt just above the ankle or mid-calf.Cloth training skirt tightly across the hips, to be elastic and durable, "oil", Lycra, supplex etc.However, we must not forget that flamenco - very dynamic and expressive dance, so it is preferable to material skirt was "breathing" and does not trap moisture evaporating from the body.Finishing training skirt can also be more modest - a frill or flounce, a small bell-bottoms, lack loops and other decorations on the skirt.