Give good posture!
Yes, dancing is very positive impact on the posture (and walk by the way, too).And confidence.Look at the dancers - they have a royal posture, gait flying.Who does not want to just look like?
Besides dancing well disperse metabolism, a positive effect on the respiratory system - just try and dance energetic Jive at least ten minutes without stopping.An untrained person then another long otdyshites.But over time, it makes such load becomes lighter.
Stress - fight!
There are days when negative emotions are just going wild.I want to "hide your head in the sand" and no one to see or hear, or vice versa - both should be o
n someone else to win.It is not necessary to do either one or the other.Includes music, energetic and fiery and start to dance.It is not necessary to fabricate intricate steps.Feel the music, the beating of her "heart" - the rhythm and dance like feel, as you see fit, as required by your mood.You will see that with each movement the negative emotions will retreat farther and farther, and you - the energy-charged music and dance.
Excess kilograms - on the way out!
Dance classes burn a decent amount of calories.Of course, provided that you move actively and not marking one place (and after the class does not eat all that is in the refrigerator).If one of your dreams come true is a trim figure, choose the most "energy-consuming" dances.Latin American, Irish, modern - you can choose for every taste.