Classical Chinese dance is not only a model of skill and talent, but also reflects the rich cultural history of the country.Classical Chinese dance originated in ancient times.Despite the fact that dance traditions were kept for many centuries and passed down from generation to generation, each new era brings to the art of motion new features and elements.Over time, new forms of dance were laid, features and performance styles.
Classical Chinese dance is its versatility impresses the viewer.This is a rich world of emotions and demonstrate the unique capabilities of the human body, its beauty and fascinating spectacle.One of the distinguishing features of Chinese dance - it's his language.Moving dancer puts into motion his twists and unseen sense.
Even watching from the side, the viewer has to get into the spirit of Chinese art, as well as to understand the hidden essence of the dance.Particular attention is paid to classical Chinese dance harmony of body and spirit.Artist must feel every move from the inside to satisfy the most dancing emotions.The dance reaches its full expression only when the body is in the absolute power of inner feelings and experiences dancer.
Modern Art of Chinese classical dance has preserved ancient ritual features.The peculiar dances, rituals - lion dance and dragon dance - still performed in China during mass celebrations and ceremonies.Lion dance shows public dancing figure of the king of beasts.Giant puppet controlled from inside the two dancers - "head" and "tail".They masterfully perform a dance with elements of Chinese martial arts.
predators usually go dancing pair, and sometimes withdrawn with them cubs.Dance of the Dragon in China is symbolic.Chinese - "descendants of the dragon" - a fire-breathing lizard image associated with dignity, spiritual and physical strength.In a demonstration of the dance team of fifty people towered over their heads figure of a dragon, holding it by six.The dancers seemed to infuse life into the lifeless body, causing the dragon to make undulations.
Classical Chinese dance is able to capture the imagination of even the most pretentious.He literally laced with exquisite delicate movements, combined with the most difficult acrobatic elements.Due to this contrast, humility and fighting spirit of the Chinese art of choreography it is truly impressive.