Already after a few weeks of regular exercise (at least twice a week), you will notice how your vestibular system will be strengthened and improved coordination of movements.Your gait acquire fluency, flexibility and grace.
do most of the basic movements of belly dancing improves blood circulation, it eliminates the stagnation in the pelvic area.Many instructors say that they and their wards managed by means of regular training to cope with inflammation and uterine appendages.It should be noted that belly dancing eases PMS and removes the pain during menstruation.
After several months of stable employment, significantly strengthens the spine, pain disappear, improves posture.This style of dance is a good prevention of degenerative disc disease and hypertension.It significant
ly improves the joint flexibility is especially valuable for older women.
Technique isolation muscle specific hand movements and fixation of the shoulder girdle to help dancers keep up the good shape of the breast or even slightly tighten it.
jolts - one of the main elements of belly dance.It gets rid of cellulite and prevents the formation of fatty deposits in problem areas especially buttocks and thighs.Rhythmic breathing, which begins with the study of Arabic dance, significantly reduces stress, it helps get rid of depression and apathy.
Belly Dance recommended to engage women who are planning a pregnancy.This dance is a wonderful trains are the most important muscles that are not normally involved in life, strengthens the muscles of the back, which is what accounts for the main load in the child-bearing, and prevents varicose veins.Moreover, in the course of the dance strengthens abdominal and perineal muscles, making it easier during labor and childbirth, reduces the risk of birth defects.
Belly remarkable improves the skin, especially facial skin.The fact is that it normalizes the gastrointestinal tract, which starts to work productively, quickly rids the body of accumulated toxins.
Despite all of the above, it should be understood that Arab dances can not be a panacea for all ills.There are people who are contraindicated belly dancing.Before the start of classes, especially if you have any serious health problems, it is important to consult a doctor.