plus two.The first of them - a savings.You just need to buy a CD, a training club dances, or download it from the Internet.And the cost of even one lesson in a good school dances often exceeds the price of DVD-ROM, which includes the whole course.
second advantage - saving time.There is no clear timetable for lessons, you can choose your own schedule - it is very convenient.And besides, skip the video session is not possible.
Of course, without the drawbacks are not enough.The first of them - is the psychology.Many beginners buy disks with classes out of fear seem awkward, they are afraid that they laugh at.It is fundamentally wrong - a good coach will always help any newcomer.In addition, engaged in a school o
f dance is beneficial in terms of overcoming the fear of public.You can dance at home as a virtuoso and at the disco modestly "huddle" in the corner.Well
and improvement.For the growth of a teacher you need, who knows a lot of tricks.A disc will teach you exactly what it recorded.
If you decide nevertheless to dance at home, you should plan for it.To begin, select a course and buy (download from the Internet) it.Fortunately, sites like the World Wide Web lessons abound.
few words to say about the attitude.No mood to learn better and did not start.Engage in regular, do not skip or weeks off - certainly forget what was studied.Nurture your faith, make a rough schedule of classes and forth.
Take care of gear.These include tights or shorts, T-shirt or top.And instead of a special shoe wear thick knitted socks or dance shoes, if the floor is slippery.
Choose a place for lessons, so that you had in the area for at least 2 square meters.It is desirable to a large mirror.And even necessary.And it should be seen, and you entirely, and all of your moves and kicks.