First, you need to take your measurements: semicircle neck, chest, above the breast, waist and bedёr.Secondly, it is necessary beforehand to imagine how long and should be fashioned dress.An important role is also played by the material and colors.To build a future blueprint pattern dress, you need to draw a rectangle (ABCD).The width is determined by the size of the semicircle dress chest is equal to line AB and DC.Add to this the supply of the free fit.

length dresses reflect the line AD and BC.

armhole depth in the drawing indicate the line drawn from point A to G. armhole is about 1/10 of the circumference of the chest, plus 10-12 cm. Then the line goes to the right, intersecting with the sun at the point G1.

waistline lay from point A down.It is equal to the le

ngth of the back to the waist, usually 35-40 cm Colo. At that point put the point T and the lay length of the right, which intersects with the sun.The intersection point is denoted as T1.

thighs lay down the line from the point T (about 15-18 cm).From the lowest point of the segment A is delayed until the sun to the point of intersection P1.

back width is determined by the circumference of the chest 1/8 plus about 4-6 cm and weight of freedom fit.He postponed the drawing to the right from point D to point A. Then, from the point T2 line goes up to the intersection with the AB label P.

width armhole dress is 1/8 the circumference of the chest subtract 1.5-2 cm and add the stock to freedomfit.

Climbing shelves dresses depicted in the drawing point W, delayed by up to a distance of a quarter of G1 chest circumference plus 0.5-1 cm. The same should be deferred by up to a point G3 P1.the point of intersection with the line AB is designated as P2.points P1 and W must be connected.

side line dresses designated point D, which is placed in the middle between T2 and T3.T4 falls below the line drawn across the DC.Its intersection with the segment TT1 referred to as T2, with the segment LL1 - like L2.

should also be put down auxiliary point of the shoulder and armhole.To do this, the segments SG2 and P2G3 be divided into four parts.

choosing a particular style of dress of the future, it is important to consider a combination with his figure.However, successful color solutions can dramatically change the appearance of the size of the dress.For example, the lateral stripes dress more suitable for tall women.But the owners of miniature figures should choose a fabric with small patterns and sew the dress style, emphasizes the dignity of their figures.Many ladies take care of the combination of color dress with a touch of the eye.The important role played trim and decorative elements - applications, collars, pockets.