Remove all the necessary measurements, calculate the amount of tissue that you need to sew a skirt.Fatin upper skirt should not be too rigid, but very soft ("mesh") will be difficult to make a pattern.Be sure to make cutting fabric for the future of the skirt.Despite the simplicity of implementation of tulle skirts , models of this tissue also need pre-pattern (very fashionable right now styles such as "Sun").
Take a piece of tulle and cut it into three strips of fabric measuring about 3 meters each.The width of the pieces make in its sole discretion, depending on the model chosen.Make the yoke, the length of which is calculated based on waist circumference, increased by 7 cm. Then sew large
strips of cloth to the yoke, parallel stitching them into the assembly.Thus, your skirt will consist of 4-5 layers of tulle , which are located around the circumference of the product.Crosslinking detail skirt using a sewing machine with a thin seam roller.
at the top of yoke sew the elastic band.In order to give greater coquette decoration, as well as better disguise gum, use a special belt of the cross-linked with satin ribbon and thread in which eraser.The ends of the ribbon tie a bow at the waist, will impress any girl or adult woman.
To collect the hem of her skirt in beautiful flounces, cut the bottom of the finished piping.Another method, which allows for even greater splendor and decorative - sew along the edge of the skirt thin fishing line, but not straight stitches and letting the thread of line in the folds of fabric.
To make the skirt of tulle this evening dress, you can further decorate it with adhesive sequins, tulle are shaded by an ordinary sponge.In addition to the glitters you can use other decorative elements - beads, decorative ribbons, fabric other textures and colors.