Tip 1: How to enter codes in counter strike

Game « Counter Strike" is a team of first-person shooter.Previously produced by Sierra Studios.Who is right to release it belong to different companies.Due to the fact that it supports online play, « Counter Strike" has become quite popular throughout the world.According to many experts, virtually every modern gamer at least once in his life played a fascinating Schutter.
During the game, all the players are divided into two teams: terrorists and special forces.The game ends when one team member will win the other members.The game has reached immense popularity.Today, around the world held official championship where the leading players can show all your masterstvo.Chtoby enter codes in « Counter Strike », start the game.Enter the "Settings" menu, then "Keyboard".Next, click "Advanced" and enable developer mode.Press ~ (Ёё), and you will see a window in which to enter a command sv_cheats 1. This will activate cheat mode.Now you can enter certain cheat codes to control your chara
cter in the game.
Impulse Enter the code 101, and you get full ammo weapons and ammunition.Impulse Dial 203 and you can remove any item.Enter the command Notarget, which will allow to become invisible, and smogutna enemies attack you.Team Killserver loads the main menu, Noclip allows you to walk through walls.If you want to change gravity, type the command sv_gravity (number).In the game of gravity default is 800. Knowing all of these commands, you can quickly learn how to play « Counter Strike" and will win all your enemies.
If you have just started dating this wonderful and exciting game and do not know how to implement all the above actions, ask for help from a friend or a friend who is a long time to play the game and is well versed in it.He will teach you many previously unknown techniques using which you will act more effectively on the game field.The game « Counter Strike" well-developed motor skills and speed of reaction movements.Also, it will teach you, even though virtually, to better navigate the terrain.Try not to play more than three hours a day, as excessive zeal in this matter can severely strain the nervous system and lead to gambling addiction, which is then treated for a long time from the relevant experts.

Tip 2: How to drive codes for Contra

for beginners software "filling» Counter-Strike is a mystery, and the opponent uses a simple console commands - a cheater and a connoisseur codes.Meanwhile, these "codes" are readily available for most, important only to observe some rules.
As drive codes for Contra
you need
  • - installed on your computer game Counter-Strike;
  • - keyboard.
Start the game Counter-Strike, select the card, load it, and then click.Then press the "~" key on your keyboard.This button brings up a console game - the window to display system messages and receiving a team working on the text interface.As follows from the definition in the console are special commands that allow you to change the game, and sometimes referred to as "codes".
Console commands - a special game records entered into the console via the keyboard without the quotes, and in the exact form in which they were entered in the game developers.For administration console command, for example, bot_add_ct, you must write to the console is the combination of characters and press Enter.

Button "~" not only causes the console, but removes it from the screen of the game, allowing you to continue to fight without visual interference.Most console commands require the introduction of an additional parameter after the space.For example, after the command bot_chatter you must insert a space and enter the word off, minimal, radio or normal.This command defines the parameters of the gab bots, and one of the other options - the number of words used for the game (without words, a minimum talks, radio talks, or normal level, respectively).
Console Commands for Counter-Strike can be divided into several categories.It is, first of all, management and configuration of the game, setting audio parameters, configuring the mouse and keyboard setup visuals of the game, setting video parameters, configure the connection to the Internet, setting up the game server, a microphone and recording options as well as options battlefield.Each section has more than two dozen special teams.
complete list of console commands can be found in the special booklet that came with your licensed version of Counter-Strike 1.6.If you are a computer and download unlicensed pirate version of the game, then find a complete list of these "codes" you will certainly not be easy.
Games Counter-Strike series are designed for PC users over 16 years since they contain scenes of cruelty and violence.
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  • counter button on the keyboard