you need
  • -Game Test drive unlimited;
  • -Connection to the Internet;
  • -Utilita GameSpy.
Game Test drive unlimited, of course, is one of the driving, gambling and exciting races.However, it has one unpleasant feature when connecting to the network , which can cause problems for many users during the game.Most of the difficulties arise from the creation of the profile GameSpy and further connecting to the Test drive unlimited network .
avoid such follow these steps: Start the application GameSpy with a corresponding label.Please note that you must advance a program downloaded from the Internet network.If you need further update, then implement it.To do this, click Download.
Thus, it will open a new window.For example, in
the fields, enter your login username and your chosen password (which will be easy to remember and difficult to crack), are, respectively, the field Profile and Password.Next, enter your e-mail address (e-mail).
Now start the game Test drive unlimited.Then select Profiles / New Game.Next in the window that appears next to the column GameSpe ID tick.After an action in the Name field, enter your nickname GameSpy.Then, again, enter your e-mail account (e-mail) and password.
If all of these steps have been performed correctly, then later connecting to the game on the network problems should arise.Then you can easily find on the map the game Test drive unlimited new online rivals and win them in races to earn reputation and to pump your own transport.Make sure that the Test drive unlimited play network is easy!
If for any reason the connection could not be implemented, then once again from the beginning.It may be that some of the items was performed correctly.