you need
  • - to the boat manufacturer's instructions;
  • - consult a specialist store;
  • - reviews and personal experience of other customers.
purchasing a boat , select for which it is the purpose of acquisition.Once you determine what will be used inflatable from PVC , choose the model to buy will be easier.Do I need to be more comfortable for extended fishing, more protection for the fishing opportunities in the overgrown branches field seats for a rest in the case of acquisition for tourism and entertainment.
also decide the exact conditions in which you will use most often by boat.Will it be a fast mountain river, calm lake or shal
low pond?Terms of use impose its own requirements for supplies and equipment of your little vessel.
Note the manufacturer's boat from PVC.Typically, domestic producers offer a quality product at a lower price than foreign firms.So then bring Russian companies blacklisted inappropriate.Import costs more due to the margin for the brand, brand.Among domestic goods can also pick up all the necessary kit for fishing, recreation and hunting.The largest manufacturers and more of his time working on the sales market, the better the quality of its goods.Well established company in St. Petersburg.If you decide to buy an inflatable boat Young Chinese company, it is best to buy only proven model.
sure to check with a consultant whose production of fabric made boat.Have the best quality PVC fabric made large leading companies, for example, such as the German company «Mehler texnologies» or the South Korean «LG Chem».Find out what type of fabric manufactured boat, which technology soldering joints used.The more layers of polyvinyl chloride used, the stronger the boat, but the greater its weight.Modern inflatables are made of seven-layer fabric density of 0.85 to 1.3 kg / m².Therefore, the more layers, and the denser the tissue, the more strong and durable will be the boat.Seams may be formed by gluing or by overlapping overlays outside or inside the vulcanization process, ultrasonic welding or conventional adhesive bonding.The more expensive the technology of joints, the reliability of the design.
Depending on what you purchase a boat depends on the choice of motor.The more requirements (power accelerates the speed), the more expensive engine.Therefore, choosing a boat for different purposes, check the characteristics of the motor.
Note that the size of the inflatable boat is also important.Choosing a boat, make allowances for the space occupied by the equipment, engine and width of the boards.The remaining area is often half a meter of free space, which is enough for comfortable use by one person boats.If you want to go fishing together, choose a larger boat.The bigger the boat, the less stable it is.Therefore, choosing a boat for fishing, specify whether to use it for fishing, standing at full height.
Pay special attention to gender verification inflatable boat.Floor (bottom ceiling) is made from sea (water resistant) plywood, the edges are to be dyed and framed aluminum profile for added rigidity and structural strength.The one-piece frame is preferable.He calls for a more careful attention and careful operation.But for the floor grid which has a folding design, in the case of seizure will have to use special tools for troubleshooting that field conditions are not always available.