Creatura is the bait is not like any one of the inhabitants of the pond or river.The name came from the English Createre, ie "Creature."Most baits are a creature of silicone products, is actively respond to any movement, showing bright attracting game.Unlike passive baits, creature of their own moves, even at low flow.

What is creature

creature baits used at Karolinska and Texas rigging.This bait has come from the US, so that is where developed methods and techniques of fishing.Although most exotic models that they are perfectly in Russian waters, the fish happy chasing the unknown creature.

catch on a creature should be so, as in the rest of the silicone bait, given their similarity to known entities.For bait, worm-like, for example, Blood Worms from the Trigger w

orks better at the bottom.Creature Bait Trigger X Maggot suitable for both summer and winter fishing, they produced long and can be cut off the desired length.I must say that lures creatures of this company further impregnated with pheromones worms and larvae, so the fish feel their odor and showing increased interest.

Creature Bait from Big Bite Baits and lures similar elongated form with two, three or more tails perfectly proved to be in pike, walleye, catfish and other fish of prey.The good effect gives the combination Shedao dvuhhvostogo and Twitter, for example, from Orka or Ecogear.It can cling to as the classic way, by the head, and between the tails - in this case it will be in a horizontal position, gently sinking to the bottom.

creature of particular importance if the fishing is done in salt waters, where there are a variety of shellfish, shrimp and other animals with many tentacles and claws.There are a variety of variations on this theme proteges: a variety of colors, including fragrant fillers.You can try the same bait in the usual pond - if a predator is hungry enough and not scared many fishermen, he may be interested in the unusual prey.