First, select a suitable yarn to knit swimsuit.Prefer elastic yarn.Best of all, if this is a yarn containing elastane.Yarn must reach, but do not stretch to your swimsuit lost form.Select a yarn that will be pleasing to the body.Typically, such a yarn goes footage 50 c. / 170 m.
determine from what you'll do for the bra strap.You can tie the usual chain of air loops and bars (with or without nakida nakida).You can buy in stores are usually a hat gum.Her columns will need to tie the yarn of the same color, you will have a swimsuit or another, in harmony with the color.Choose not too wide elastic band to strap looked neater.By the way, the use of straps r
ezinochek as much more convenient - they will better support the breast.
to a cup bra subsequently stretched, the edges of her lay rezinochkoy - the same that you take on a strap or rubber thread (silicone rezinochku used in beading).If you are using thin rezinochku, then knit with it the last couple of series.
To link to a cup bra, take the Internet ready circuit, adjust it for your size.Decide for yourself whether you need extra cup or not.In principle, the swimsuit will look good and without additional cups, but if you have small breasts or she sagged a bit after pregnancy and lactation, but the false good cup may improve the situation.
Cups can be purchased at hardware departments.You can even use a cup with the effect of push-up, if there is such a desire.To insert the cup, make the lining of the thin material.As the padding can be used supplex (which is used exclusively for sewing swimwear factories) or a special knitted fabric used for sewing underwear.
To tie panties for a swimsuit, or look on the Internet ready circuit, or (which is much easier and more convenient) take the usual shorts and knit, guided by him, adding and subtracting the loop where it is needed.
Wear your swimsuit having fun!