you need
  • - high-quality wool or fluff;
  • - roller or rolling pin;
  • - film-pupyrka;
  • - warm soapy water;
  • - napkins.
«Felt" is French and means "felt."He is of thin hair coat - down.Mainly used fluff rabbit, goats, rabbits, wool fine-wool sheep, and waste of valuable fur fur-bearing animals.There are felt smooth and pile.Pile, in turn, is divided into « felt suede", a short-nap, and include the long velor.
Felting, or roll, is a process in which the wool fibers interlock and intertwine.Due to the structural features of the wool fiber - scaly - Wool has the ability to topple.This is called valkosposobnostyu.During manufacture, the felt elastic fibers interwoven in a special way, which gives them the ability to subsequently reduced by mechanical action under conditions of humidity, tem
perature, and certain acidic medium.As a result, the felt shrinks in size to 80%.Thus repeatedly it increases its strength and density.
To make sheet felt , which can then be used for decorative purposes and for handicrafts, purchase high quality fluff or wool, for example, on the market.It is better if a particular host containing goats or rabbits.You can buy in shops wool, already painted in the color you want.
Before the process of felting wool rasterebite well.This process is dusty, takes time and diligence.During terebleniya wool cleared.If it was very dirty, gently pre prostirnut permissible, but without the use of machines.Magazine as prefabricated ready to felting.
Prepare a table and carpeted it with foil.Place well-concentrated soap solution based on soap and pour into a bottle for convenience with dispenser.Water for the work should be warm.Prepare a sheet of film-pupyrki, photographic roller or rolling pin, napkins.Please be patient.
Lay on the damp surface of the table first layer of fluff, moisten it with warm soapy water from the bottle and cover with foil-pupyrkoy.Presses, smoothing his hands to water is equally distributed.Seal roller or a rolling pin.Lay another layer, performing the same operations until the desired thickness of the sheet.Excess water and remove the foam cloth.
folded and rolled 5-7 layers, blot the excess water with a towel.Cut with scissors irregularities and to dry.The finished products are used for the manufacture of toys, clothes and shoes decoration.And all the flaws of "the first pancake" note in subsequent attempts.