you need
  • - paper;
  • - simple pencil;
  • - eraser;
  • - paint.
Put a sheet of paper horizontally.Thin light loop mark the outlines around the ring.It is necessary to determine the size of the object.He must not "stick" to the edges of the sheet.
Draw axis to construct the shape of the ring.To do this, draw three ellipse.Draw a horizontal axis in order that relates to the table.This line must be rejected from the central horizontal axis upward about 30 °.The vertical axis will be ¾ of the length of the horizontal.Draw an ellipse concerning all constructed segments.
second ellipse is at the level of the convex part of the ring.It should be slightly wider and longer than the previous circle.The third ellip
se - the upper bound of the ring.Length axes for it is in that contact with the table surface.However, the ellipse is shifted to the right upward relative to the bottom.Erase the construction lines and start working with color.
determine where the highlights.These are the areas of gold that covered so much that look white.They can be seen at the upper edge of the ring - in the form of strips on the left and right spots.Also, the highlight is on the front side - it is a small narrow oval, and on the inside face.Note the location of highlights and paint over them.
Find the lighter shade on the metal surface.This lemon yellow highlight around in the center of the ring.Mix a color in the palette and apply it to the entire outer side of the ring.
Gradually enter reflexes.The blue color of the tissue is mixed with honey and gold resulting in a shade of green.Put it in broad strokes in the right part of the ring and the thin strip at the bottom on the left side.In the center of a flare, add a strip of blue-brown, almost black.On either side of him - two elongated orange reflex.
inner surface of jewelry with a mixture of blue, green and brown.The area near the mark flare light blue spots.
Using a thin brush Draw a pattern on the surface of the ring.On the use of convex parts of yellow and orange color, in the recesses - dark brown.