you need
  • - poker deck of cards;
  • - chips;
  • - partners in the game.
There are many variations of poker, but the most popular is Texas Hold'em.In Hold'em and Omaha all players have shared and hole cards.General laid out on the table, each of the participants use their discretion.In draw poker players get five cards face down, which can then be changed.
Remember the following rules common to all forms of poker.The game starts with the betting.In seven-card poker there are two types of mandatory bids - bring-ins and antes, in other varieties of the game - small and big blinds, antes sometimes.
Players have five possible actions after a successful bid.Call - the adjustment of the current rate.Check declared if in this round
of betting is no participant may withdraw from the possibility to bet on.Raise - Increase the current bet, in this case the players must call it (the call), make even greater (raise) or quit the game (fold).Fold - fold, party out of the game.Bet - the player, if the current betting round yet, passes the turn to the left to the player, it remains the participants can only make a call, raise or fold.
Further rounds are held on the same principle - a player makes a move depends on the cards that are on their hands.Round is complete even if all the players checked.With each subsequent series of tenders opened a new community card.The round ends when all the cards are open (usually five rounds).
At the last round of bidding after the rates need to open their cards.The winner is the participant who formed the most powerful combination.In some cases, the showdown occurs (one of the players raised, but the rest of the make fold).The winner has a choice: he can show his winning cards or not to open them.A similar choice is and losers.