First of all, it is a circle - shell.If you do not rely on your hand, the circle is easy to draw the compass school, or just circling the contour of any round object such as a bottom of a glass dish.
Next you should outline some coordinate system to know where the turtle will be the head, legs and tail.To do this, in the center of the circle put a pencil point through which faintly with a ruler spend two perpendicular lines.
As a result, you will see a circle divided into four equal sections.After spending through the center of the circle two other perpendicular lines divide each of the four sectors for another two equal parts.
Decide which way "crawls" your turtle and put pencil figure 1 near the
intersection of lines and circles, where there will be the head.The next intersection are numbered clockwise.So you should have something like the dial are numbered 1 to 8, where (1) will meet head turtle (5) - the tail, (3) and (2) -the front paws, (6) and (4) - rear paws.
Now you know where to draw the elements of the body turtles, then see how to do it.Refer again to the simplest form.The head of the turtle is depicted in the form of a semi-circle with two small circles, eyes.Tail paint in the form of an isosceles triangle with the small base.Paws turtle can draw in the form of semi-circles, or rectangles (your choice) with three semicircular claws on each foot.That's in front of you and there was a turtle.Carefully remove all auxiliary eraser pencil lines and carefully along the contour Draw bug.
To make the picture more interesting, inside the circle, the shell can draw a circle smaller and connect two laps a variety of ray of sun like children's drawings.The inner circle can be filled polygons, squares, circles, and if you do interior, stylized drawing, sketch turtle shell can be any pattern or ornament.