you need
  • - 50 g of a light turquoise, aqua and white yarn
  • - needles number 3
before.To his right foot white thread type 24 loops and knit front embroidery.After 12 rows continue thread aqua, adding both sides close to the edge of the loop 1 loop.Colored thread linking 28 to 26 rows of loops, put the loop on the west spoke.Just do the left leg.Connect the two parts in the middle of the dial one loop (all the spokes will be 53 loops) and then knit all hinged front embroidery, dec 1 st on both sides: every 2nd row 14 times, every 6th row 4times.Ubavki do as follows: from the right edge loop after loop, remove 1 as the front, a knit front and pull it through the removed loop;from the left edge to edge loops two loops knit together the front.Simultan
eously with the beginning ubavok enter the light - the thread turquoise and knit band, changing the thread every two rows.Ubavki finished, close the remaining 17 loops.
The back knit as before.
hand.White thread, type 30 loops and knit embroidery front 8 rows.Then continue thread aqua, adding both sides of the loop 1, then every 6th row add another 1 st 2 times.Total on the spokes 36 loops.Colored thread linking 18 rows, turn down both sides 1 times 1 st, then another 14 times in every 2nd row 1 st as described for the forehand.The remaining 6 loops close.
head.Dial the 66 loops of white yarn and knit 46 rows of the front satin stitch, and then all the loops pull the working thread.Follow the seam.
cap.Dial light turquoise thread 70 loops and knit 5 rows of alternating 1 front and 1 Wrong.Next, keep the front stitch, subtracting from both sides, both before, every 4th row 29 times 1 st.The remaining 12 loops pull the working thread.Follow the seam.
End.Hands bevels jerseys sewn to the back and forehand, sew them, do the side seams, joints legs.Pull the lower edge of the hands and feet.Tamp filling the doll, tie the hands and feet at the junction of white and colored knitting.Pull the loops of the body at the necks.Head tamp, pull the bottom edge and sew to the body.Remove the edge of the cap, sew it.Make a white pompom and sew to hat.Light turquoise thread embroider eyes, pink - the nose and mouth.