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Before pick up the line for fishing, should define its main types and their characteristics.Thus, all the fishing line can be divided into two large groups - multifilament and monofilament.

The first group includes cords or braided fishing line.Their main advantage is considered to be higher strength.But the drawback - the excessive rigidity and lack of elasticity.Multifilament fishing lines are classified into classic and braided in the sheath.Classical monofilament is twisted flagellum.Well, wicker - flagella is wearing the jacket.

With regard monolesok, all of them are made of nylon.But the characteristics may vary depending on the manufacturing technology.For example, a monofilament fishing line from a very soft an
d elastic.They can be used in the spinning, in order to achieve maximum casting distance.Due to its elasticity, easily monofilament is wound on a spool.

Lines of copolymers are more rigid and durable.They are characterized by high reliability.There are also accessories for fishing, which is manufactured using high technology.Such fishing line can sink in the water to be protected from exposure to ultraviolet radiation and have other useful properties.

Criteria for selection of line

When choosing a fishing line should be special attention paid to its diameter.From the value of this parameter depends on not only the load at break, but also elasticity.Line diameter can range from a fraction of a millimeter to several millimeters.Typically, the choice of the right diameter fishing line depends on the type and size of the rod the fish you plan to catch.

Once in diameter were able to determine, it is necessary to consider breaking load.Professionals advise to choose the line with the maximum value of this parameter.If the line was selected for spinning, greater importance will be the elasticity and ability to stretch.To monofilament curls easily, it should be fairly soft.Moreover, such a fishing line cast will perform at a great distance.

important features to consider when choosing a fishing line durability.The best option is considered to be an accessory to an external Teflon coating.The specific weight and coloring - are additional options that can be taken into account in the selection process.