you need
  • - insoles of medium hardness;
  • - scissors;
  • - Yarn - 100% microfiber;
  • - hook №2 and №4;
  • - scissors;
  • - needle;
  • - awl;
  • - pins.
Tying insoles - it is the first stage of the manufacture of knitted slippers.To do this they need to make the holes beforehand awl so that the distance from the edge and between them was equal to 0.5 centimeters.In each hole knit on two columns without nakida crochet №2.Please note that you need to knit slippers to buy such insoles that are longer legs one size.
tie insole set aside.We must now begin to knitting motifs on the proposed scheme crochet №4.You can use any other, as long as the motive was hexagonal.For two slippers need to bind 6 parts.If instead of the 6 to make 8, we obtain high boots.It is worth noting
that for knitting slippers best use of microfiber - she, unlike wool, not rolls.As for color products, everything depends on the imagination of the needlewoman.
assembly of knitted parts as follows: 3 expanded motive so that they touch each other two ribs.The parties, which marked edinichka, sewed one seam.Those in which two, when crosslinked to form the rear wall of knitted slippers.Parties with the troika are attached to the insole, and with the four - not stapled at all.Staple items can be both external and on the inside of slippers.In the first case, you need a hook and yarn, while the second - a needle and thread to match the product.
The resulting design pins to pin the bandaged insole.All should be done very carefully, or knitted slippers turn out skewed.It is important to dock sock products - the angle of the spout should be shifted slightly to the right or to the left.This is necessary in order to get the left and right of slippers.
Knitted slippers with his hands ready!On request they can be decorated with beads, satin ribbons or any other material.