preschool teachers try to make children's lives in the walls of the educational institutions most interesting and informative.Parents are asked to participate in the life of a group of kindergarten and often hold various competitions, asked with the child to make crafts in kindergarten.These activities are usually confined to any holidays or dates.

excellent option crafts for the New Year will be the layout of winter.Teachers will be able to use it actively in the educational process.

In manufacturing layout winter kindergarten with their hands not, in general, nothing complicated.Most importantly - have basic sewing skills, imagination (well, the Internet peep), and a small amount of scrap materials.

main images of winter - it snow, snowman, trees, snow, bullfinches, icicles on roofs.All this is quite possible to fit in a single layout.

First we need to choose a dense base, on which will be placed all the items.In this case, fine came from the cover of the box of the shoe.Based on the size of the base and the size of all selected objects, because the winter layout should look naturalistic miniature copy of the winter landscape.

Snowman can be made from old children's tights.For this you just need to tie up a severed leg in several places, pre-stuffed with cotton wool crafts.The eyes and mouth can be drawn or embroidered thread.With a carrot nose, a bit more complicated - I propose to make it out of lace shoe red or orange.But you can show imagination and use something else.At the head Snowman "put on" a bucket of bright fabric, sew the handle, decorate the trunk bright pugovichkami.That's our main character is ready!

snowy cabin can be made from any suitably sized cardboard boxes.e.g. children vitamins etc.Box paste colored paper, you can use self-adhesive.Making the roof, window and door glue.On the roof glue "snowdrifts" out of the ordinary wool, also do icicles made of cotton, slightly twisting her fingers for shaping.

Complement winter landscape trees.Simulate bare deciduous trees can be quite ordinary birch twigs, growing at your window.Do not forget that the main New Year's tree is still spruce, and place it on your layout winter.Snow on the trees can be made of wool or semolina, mixed with glue.Give extra shine usual Loose sequins, which one can easily buy at the store.

Our layout can be supplemented with "icy" lake of silver foil or paper.In the tree you can hang the bird feeder made of cardboard and put it plasticine bullfinches.Toys from Kinder will be an excellent addition to your landscape.

As you can see, from the most basic materials and without any material costs can make a lot of interesting things, most importantly - do not be afraid to dream.