Over time, this belief is modified, but its reverberations are still being felt.Once a year, we put the Christmas tree at home, which tried to beautifully decorate.Truly elegant decorated Christmas tree is obtained when you make idea, simply put, stilizuete its green beauty.

herringbone in a maritime style

Marine theme has long been loved by the girls, who follow the latest trends.Why do not you dress up your Christmas tree on the latest fashion trends?Blue balls, toys in the form of sea stars (you can try to do it yourself) and other surroundings with the theme of the sea - it all goes into

play.If you are going to celebrate New Year's Eve in warm countries, such a Christmas tree will be very symbolic.

Chebbi Chic

This style is not to everyone.He is like a crowd of fans, and a crowd of people who do not like all this "mercy-pleasantness."The colors that you have to take him into service - all shades of pink, white, pastel gray, beige.As the use of ornaments boas, feathers, candles, beads, flower buds.Anyone who sees you in the herringbone style is sure to be amazed.

Herringbone Tiffany

Herringbone, decorated in a style looks very restrained and elegant.Tiffany - a well-known brand that produces jewelry is popular all over the world.Lately many organize birthdays and weddings in the style of Tiffany.The distinguishing feature of style - it is a special color that combines shades of turquoise, mint and aquamarine.Choose colors of Christmas balls.Very stylish look, all these ornaments on a snow-white fur-tree.

determine which style do you prefer the most.Perhaps Shabby chic, country or vintage?Look at the different designs of Christmas firs in the Internet and inspired, go bought decorations.