GIF-animation is especially popular when creating sites.Now almost no one banner not without animation.To create a GIF-animation using special software.One of them - Active GIF Creator.This is a special program to create animations in the format of GIF.
Please refer to the program window.It consists of various panels: the menu bar, toolbar.And also there is a zone of placement of images.In the toolbar there is ample opportunity settings.Pick a comfortable configuration for itself.Note that the area of ​​placement of images and attributes panel settings can not be.On the Attributes tab, there are three "global", "image" and "comment".Here you select the logical screen size, as well as the number of loops in animation settings for each individual image of the animation, and even make a commen
t to the input file.
In the area of ​​placing on the gallery frames, use the context menu (right click) to any of the images of the team, "change attributes", "add a comment", "delete", "move", "addEffects ", and others.
to start when creating simple images using a simple graphical editor.Then, with practice, to complex images, use an external editor.Selecting a single editor is carried out in the program settings.
Press F9 invokes a special window for creating effects that will be embedded in the image.Create the desired number of copies, apply to them or that the effects of various parameters and all - the animation is ready.Experiment with the collections, the application program.Add one of them to a new file, propagate it and work-out with effects.This future will allow you to save time with your own work, you will learn how to quickly apply a particular effect.Build your collection and use it in the future.
To enter text, set the color and size.Use the character fonts so you can create buttons with pictures, and the meaning is clear and without words, like in the picture.This button can be exported to HTML-editor.