you need
  • - thin thread;
  • - hook.
to create curtains, take a thin light-colored yarn, pick up a thin hook.Measure the window opening.Note the width of the curtains should exceed the width of the window of at least 50 cm. Calculate the flow of yarn - it should be enough.Keep in mind, one centimeter knitted products consist of four series: if you take the length of the curtains 170 cm, 680 series will be released.Let the width of the model is 250 cm * 4 loops (1cm), then in the same breath need to dial 1000 loops.In one series goes vyvyazyvanie 1000 cm yarn.For curtains need thin thread Take coils, in 100 g of which can fit 500 m. The curtains will require about 15 skeins of thread 100 g, ie 1.5 kg of yarn.
Try to relate the blind simplest
pattern, alternate empty and filled cells.Empty cells - is poles with nakida and one loop between them filled - two from column nakida.
For more expressive pattern fabricate a magnificent column.He vyvyazyvayut this: nabroste thread on the hook, enter it into the loop of the previous row, pull the working thread.You should be formed several loops, knit the first two.Again, throw with a working thread to the hook and pull it through the loop of the previous row.Knit the first two loops.Repeat this procedure again, eventually should be formed on the hook four loops.Knit them all together.Build your own design.Note the patterns that are used to cross stitch.
Tie the curtain, using such a description: 1 row - type 4 air loop, 2 column with further nakida further four air loops, two columns with nakida - alternate until the end of the series.At the end of the row knit polustolbik and four air loops.2nd row - knit two air loops, then 2 column with nakida, two air loops, two columns with nakida - knit pattern until the end of the series.The bars should turn in aerial loops of the previous row, alternate rows.
Tie edge columns without nakida.To fabricate the lower edge of the fringe, while the top - the hooks.Collect three air loop, attach it to the previous row polustolbikami.