you need
  • - stained-glass paint;
  • - breadboard mat;
  • - 1 sheet of black cardboard (A4);
  • - stationery Clips, strong (stapler);
  • - scissors, breadboard (stationery knife);
  • - wire, beads, a ring made of twigs (willow);
  • - glue stick, glue "Moment Crystal";
  • - 2 sheets of ordinary office paper (A4);
  • - 2 sheets of gold or holographic paper (A4);
  • - a transparent plastic cover from the folder (cover of the textbook);
Prepare template cockerel in two copies on ordinary office paper.On the one printed patterns place a sheet of clear plastic and secure it with the office clips or staples.
internal "little windows" paint stained glass paints.And leave blank to dried up (until transparent colors).Proceed to carving cockerel.Fold 2 sheets of thick gold or holographic paper face each other, and o
n top put a second printed pattern.Fix the sheets with each other staples, stationery clips or staples.
carve gently mock (or office) with a knife on the mat Prototyping inner side of the figure.All cut pieces of holographic paper store, they can be useful for applications that can later produce.Then carve pattern cockerel outer loop.As a result, should have two mirrored stencil cock of holographic paper and one stencil of white office paper.
When the paint is dry, take the glue "Moment Crystal" and apply a thin layer on a plastic cock on unpainted areas.Put on a little glue dried up the appropriate template from the holographic paper, combining the outline of the picture, and a good push.When the glue is dry, turn the workpiece and glue the other side of the mirror the other hand stencil.Excess plastic trim along the contour of the rooster scissors.
To attach the cord-stained "The Golden Cockerel", under the second stencil glue the wire.It ends fix on a suitable base, for example, ring braided willow branches.As an additional decoration can be strung on a wire bead.
From the remnants can be an interesting application which is going on the principle of the puzzle.Glue the cockerel, cut out of the ordinary office paper with glue, pencil on a piece of black cardboard.Then pick up the corresponding fragments of the remains of holographic paper, given that they mirror overlap and paste them into the slotted "windows".Fill the entire stencil.Decorate the appliqué on your own, giving the work of the completed look.