you need
  • Boulders, crushed granite, pebbles
If you choose to arrange your own space the country house, you can not do without natural stone.The area of ​​use in landscape design is vast and limited expertise, imagination and your chosen style.Natural stone will fit into any landscape, harmonizes space and give the mysterious corners of your garden.The stones can be totally different texture, size and color.
Place in areas with large elevation changes large stones.Their size varies from about 1 m. They can be used to build retaining walls and steps.For this purpose, more suitable flat and wide enough stones.Often used flagstone, rubble stone or sandstone.It is a beautiful building material, which is in harmony with the other elements of the c
Strengthen relief space if your site is a flat area.In such cases often needed boulders or separate blocks, such as the design of rock gardens.Among these monumental creations of nature can be placed herb gardens, floral arrangements, small shrubs.There is a well-founded belief that the presence of large rocks and boulders has beneficial effects on human health.
Note granite rubble.In addition to its aesthetic purpose when placing paths, flower beds and other innovative solutions, it is used for mulch, that over time greatly reduces the growth of weeds.In the arid terrain gravel allows the soil to remain moist longer and not eroding, and in winter it protects from frost.All this is the most favorable impact on the recruitment and growth of the plants in your garden to create compositions.
Use pebbles.This is a nice touch, oval or round small natural stones of various breeds.The most common jasper, quartz and shungite.The variety of colors and sizes makes it possible to consider it an ideal material for a variety of landscaping, especially in the mosaic design of the tracks, ponds, aquariums, fountains, etc.It is resistant to the vagaries of climate, environment and very pleasant to look at.