Determine what part of the magazine you will take the band under the text, graphic and title.
Pick illustration of the text.Its content should fully comply with the subject of the article and complement, rather than duplicate straightforward.The reader will appreciate the photo as well, if its proportions are close to the golden section, and the location on the strip will follow the rules of the composition.If necessary, add the infographic.The main criteria of its registration - laconic and informative.
When making a note title transfer rules.Prepositions, conjunctions and particles do not break away from the wo
rds to which they refer.Location header on the text depends on the purpose of the magazine and the content of the article.As a rule, put it in an array of text is not desirable - it crushes article at random fragments and creates the illusion of a decapitated publication.
Pick a font for the title, Lida, and the main text.If the style of the magazine not apply to experimental use of classical headset - Academy, Bodoni, Franklin Gothic, Goudy, Helvetica, Petersburg, Times New Roman, and others. The font size of the main text must be legible - in the range of 8 to 12 points.Standard difference between the headline and the text of the article - the two points.
Pay attention to the distance between lines.If that is not absolutely necessary, do not change it.The same rule applies to the distance between the characters.
Lead and key phrase, highlight the text.Use bold or combine the opposite of the pattern sets.But do not get carried away playing with fonts - their abundance makes the text fragmented, chaotic and disorienting the reader.
On readability also affects the combination of font color and background.Therefore, if you decide to highlight a paragraph, or changing the background color tone, pick contrast option.
distance between columns of text and standard elements band (title, lead, picture) is set at the approval stage layout and publication does not change from room to room.All parts are separated by a single article in this space, elements that are not relevant to the article - two or more.