for independent creation of sunbeds need:
- Planed dry board;
- plastic caps;
- durable fabric;
- Furniture screws and bolts;
- stalks for broom diameter 30 cm.

Putting frame

to create legs back using parts length 125 cm for legs Seat - 100 cm. The obligatory part is blank, which will require a segment length of 59 cm. The above constituent elementsexcept legs rest, cut longitudinally.As a result, should get two equal parts by 5 cm.

assembles design suggests that the adjustment will have a beach chair backrest formed on three levels.For this part of the preform using a drill, drill three holes that will have a diameter of 3.5 cm. The markup for drilling spaced 27, 20 and 13 cm from the edge of the part
.With a circular saw, cut the piece lengthwise into two equal parts.

The details of which will be formed by the back legs, drill hole diameter and a depth of 5 mm.Located at the ends of the holes will serve as a place of screwing SCREW.On the front of the drill holes for the bar diameter of 3 cm, the back - a cap of 1.6 cm, for bolts and ties will require a fine drill for diameter 6 and 8 mm.

It's time to use harvested broom handles.They will be the basis of the bar.Cut two pieces for the back legs of 57 cm, two seats for the legs of 51 cm, a length to abut 64 cm. With the end face drill holes SCREW.Please note that sun loungers require assembly holes under the crossbar and bolts.Their ends are drilled to a diameter of stops 5 and 6 mm respectively.

Form the seat deck chairs

choosing the fabric, stop your choice on durable waterproof materials that are easy to care for.The color scheme - a matter of taste.This may be a military style ladies or romantic flowers.

choose the fabric and sew fold widow using a sewing machine.Turn the blank on the front side and connect the free end, bent over.The length of the finished seat should be about 112 cm. Attach the seat to the frame can be through the fabric loops or eyelets.The second option involves the use of tape corsage, which imparts structural strength.If the choice is made in favor of the fabric loops make them wide enough so they do not explode under the weight of an adult.