creativity of their child parents always treated very tenderly and with emotion.But do not rush to hide pictures of the young artist in a special folder - they can be very successfully used for the decoration of home interior.Even if the favorite child and attending art school, his lovely and touching composition even in rigorous design will make a bit of comfort and cheerfulness.

Determine the number of tracks

If appropriate figures collected are not very many, a special flight of fancy for their application is not required.You can buy brightly colored box, carefully draw the creation of children's hands and randomly positioned at the free wall.Fans of symmet
ry, it suffices to attach 3-4 similar in general subject to a number of images vertically or horizontally.

comes a time when children's picture becomes even abundant than they can accommodate the wall of his room.A kid with the wish that adults do not forget about any of his masterpieces.In this case, the usual decorative cornice helps with colorful small pegs attached to the wall.Its advantage is that here you can hang a fair amount of images, changing them periodically.

unusual and attractive look standard hanger with special holders, which are mounted and children's drawings.If wooden hangers, they can be on their own or with the help revive the child in bright colors.Magnetic board with colored magnets also can become a convenient backdrop for creative young artist.

Children's creativity in the living room

most successful works of children's creativity may even be placed in the living room.Always stylish and modern look triptychs - similar in idea and color drawings.If your child attends an art school, he can perform an image of nature or a still life that will fit in the living room decor.Most young artists often paint portraits of his parents, loved ones and pets.This gallery will not only create a warm welcoming atmosphere, but also show the kid how parents appreciate his work.

Children's art should not go unnoticed.Even in a small apartment you can always find a place for pictures of the young artist.Bright, good and positive image made child's hand, will make the home environment clean and immediacy notes and be sure to chase a bad mood.