exchangers on libraries for graphics editors can meet tens of thousands of a variety of fonts.They are in demand mainly designers, bloggers and people involved in web development.Even beginners in the creation of sites understand that the original and beautiful font that fit harmoniously into the overall concept of the website, advertising poster or banner, is no less important than, for example, the graphic component of the work.

to develop fonts use special editors.They can be divided into paid and distributed under a free license.The difference between such instruments colossal complimentary editors do not give to the convenience and speed that can provide professional software.There are online services, which can be a few minutes to make a unique print.They are easy to use, but the result, of cour
se, can not be called stunning.

Pay font editor

To create a font you can buy a really full-featured software, work which will bring a lot of fun, and the font will have an excellent view.The cost of these editors ranges from $ 100 to $ 2,000, but there are more expensive options.Of course, such an acquisition is unlikely to be useful for beginners who do not know even the basics of typography and design excellence.You should start with the practical use of simpler instruments, gradually moving to a fee.

Online editors

good example of service to create fonts on the Internet - FondEditor VitFontMaker.This bitmap font editor, with which you can without spending a lot of time and without having to install any applications on your computer, create a Cyrillic or Latin script.The service will be very useful when you want to quickly create a font is not a complete alphabet, and only those letters, which will be used for writing a slogan or title in graphic work.

programs freely available

This is the best option to start with fonts.All programs, with which you can create your own fonts, operate on two principles: a vector (FontForge) and raster (FontCreator, Fontstruct) graphics.In many programs, the two editing modes combined, but still one of them worked better.Every editor, letters of the alphabet are drawn separately and then combines them into a software library which is suitable for installation in a font set of the operating system.

in vector editors characters are created by drawing shapes and contours.They are built by drawing lines - both direct and Bezier splines.For each line, you can apply a unique style and effect, make a shaped contour, or add a drop shadow.A big plus vector editors - ability to change forms after applying effects, allowing you to achieve a good result.

in raster editors creating fonts is done by drawing a conventional pixel pattern for each letter.Bitmap editor can be used to drill the font drawn in vector editor, but often they are used as a standalone tool, it also provides a good quality of the finished work.