first way to deploy a brush in Photoshop - to use a palette of brushes.Select your desired brush .Then get right at the top right icon, similar to the list - a palette of brushes (Toggle the Brushes Palette).Click it.A window will appear with a choice of the type of brush.To expand brush , select Brush Tip Shape.There you will see a circle with a cross and an arrow.Click the mouse on the arrow and pull, turning it - in the bottom of the palette you will see how brush unfolds.You can select a specific numeric value, and in the white little window - brush rotated by the specified number of degrees.In the same palette of brushes yo
u can choose a variety of other settings - set special effects for the trace left by a brush th, adjust the opacity, size, add texture, change the number of prints left by the brush th and more.Try changing a few parameters, and get a completely new brush .
In the second way work is done already with a ready brush tip.This method is suitable in cases where the imprint of the hand is a complex pattern that needs to be put only once.Create a new layer (Layer - New layer).Select the desired brush and put on a layer of imprint.Then click on the toolbar rectangular selection (Rectangular Marque Tool) and select them with an imprint of the brush area.Right-click inside the marquee and select Free Transform.Now you can turn the stamp as you need.If you want to reflect its mirror, then again click the right mouse button and select Rotate and right direction.The same can be done with the command Image - Rotate Canvas in the top menu.