you need
  • vinyl stickers, paint brush, dry, soft cloth, plastic blade, pencil.
Fixing decorative vinyl stickers on the stage of preparation of the surface requires a minimum of cost and effort.The surface must be cleaned of cobwebs, dust and dirt.To do this, you can use a dry paintbrush.Walk it all over the ceiling, carefully remove dust.If your ceiling decoration materials allow, you can wipe it with a soft damp cloth and after drying the surface proceed to the next step.
Take your sticker and making all measurements, put marks on the ceiling.Since the flow of glue labels is not very convenient markings to help you position it as accurately as possible.
Put the vinyl sticker on
any flat surface and divide it very carefully on the film and the substrate.Just separate the entire surface of the label is not necessary.For comfortable work would be enough to share a small portion, about 10 cm long. Separate the film on the site, from which you start your job.
attach stickers section separated from the ceiling of the previously planned markup.Gradually keep separate the substrate from the film, along with spending pressure on the label using a plastic spatula.It is necessary to remove all the air.If the surface to be bonded vinyl bubbles soon sticker in this place depart.Plastic spatula you can replace with a soft dry cloth.
Fully gluing vinyl stickers, you can remove the stickers with transparent film, which facilitates the installation process.Across the surface of vinyl stickers pasted again walk with a soft cloth, correcting any unevenness.
Thus, you can easily paste not only small and medium-sized, and large vinyl stickers.Glue them you can own, but before that you have to cut them into chunks sharp knife stationery.In this case, the marking should indicate the precise location of each piece.To check this, attach a sticker after application of the marking, if necessary - adjust it.Gluing of the butt joint is necessary, try to do it right the first time, since the re-bonding vinyl stickers hold much worse.
vinyl stickers for your home and you can do yourself.To do this, you figure you want to transfer to the regular vinyl.After that, the film is cut and glued to the ceiling.Gluing it to the ceiling is necessary in the same manner as conventional.