you need
  • - room;
  • - staff;
  • - Furniture;
  • - Promotional Products.
Make an estimate of the future display.Include the cost of the room fee to all the staff, food, services, media, advertising.As a rule, such events is fairly easy to find a sponsor, as interesting displays are widely reported in the media and create a good reputation for participating companies.
Choose a suitable area for display.There should be enough space for a podium for guest accommodation.If the show is not held in the summer, take care of a wardrobe.Moreover, such events are usually accompanied by a buffet, so the room should have enough space for tables and all those present.
Otsheyte his collection in a standard amount of 42-44 and join in the search for fashion models.Fitting models can be done on a girl, but then you need
to adjust the size of each outfit for mannequins that will show them.Arrange casting advance to the day of the show all the models are guaranteed to be free.
Think about the overall concept of the show.Standard catwalk is hardly remembered by visitors, so try to make a colorful and interesting show.Solve issues with light, sound, script.Make a clear plan of actions per minute.
Make a guest list and send invitations.Keep in mind that it is precisely this step begins the formation of the image of your collection.Make sure that the invitation was stylish and reflect the essence of your event.Do not forget about the invitations to the press.The journalists on the upcoming event should be informed in advance.So you can count on the advance publication of your show.
Think about what you can offer visitors other than just show.More often at such events is appropriate reception and distribution of souvenirs and gifts.The first rows of the audience better to do exactly.