you need
  • - album / notebook;
  • - paper;
  • - soft cloth / fabric;
  • - means for degreasing.
purchased in the store stickers, like a child.Arriving home, ask them to stick them in an album, on paper or favorite toys with a suitable surface.To do this, gently pry the corner stickers gently unstick it from the paper surface, apply to the selected location and smooth.
use as a teaching tool for children educational books with stickers.Many people know that a child learns better knowledge of the game.Buy this book in the store, read to her c
hild and explain why in certain areas the picture is missing.Encourage your child to stick stickers on their own, after showing one of the examples of how to do it.Explain to your child that the edges of the sticker must match the circuit and not go beyond it.
stickers on the car, which are used for promotional purposes or in order to highlight the car out of the total mass is applied as follows.Before applying the label to degrease the surface to which it will be bonded, gently pry the corner of a transparent foil and gently unstick it from the paper surface.Take the foil, which is glued to the label, carefully transfer the adhesive to the surface, flatten from the center to the edges of each piece separately and gently tear off the foil.
Drawing decorative stickers on the walls, which will help to diversify, revitalize podnadoevshy interior of the house, cottage or apartment in the home is not difficult.It should only be separated from the drawing foil, stick it on the wall and hold a soft cloth to lay on the label surface smoothly, without wrinkling and air spaces.