for winter bouquets of dried flowers are good: all kinds kolyuchnikov, seed pods poppies, peonies, Jasienica, garden barley sinegolovki.Dried flowers do not require special drying, simply put them in a vase.

From garden plants for bouquets usually used cape gooseberry, with its recognizable orange lanterns.Among other compositions include many years in verdure lyunariyu.

original look versions with marsh grasses - cotton grass cattails and reeds.Rogoz looks great not only as an independent bunch, but in the company's other plants.Dried herbs collected in an inverted form, the down arrow in a cool place.

branches of trees and shrubs is better to cut off the end of July.They are easily stored all winter.For a more decorative leaves on the branches is treated with a mixture of glycerin, that they do not lose their elasticity and are not broken.The solution was prepared as follows: 1 part of glycerol to 2 parts of water, whereafter the threads give occasionally updating sections.

extraordinarily beautiful berry bushes: wild rose, buckthorn, snowberry, barberry, Siberian apple tree.To create bouquets twigs with berries removed during the most intense color of the fruit.

Flowers for zasushivaniya collected in dry sunny weather.Roses, violets, dahlias, peonies, chrysanthemums, sweet peas - this is an incomplete list of plants used in the winter bouquet.Dry them differently.More often than not just tie the stem head down one by one, leaving a well-blown place.But there is another way.At the bottom of the carton making holes of a size such that they could pass the stem of the plant and flower would be retained inside.Petals pave wool or pour clean sand.Box with fixed plants in limbo in a dark ventilated place until full zasushki colors.