Tip 1: How to make a clown suit

circus clown - truly a favorite of kids of all generations.With him constantly befall something funny.And he - the great master of various jokes.Clown may appear on matinee in kindergarten at the carnival and even a holiday home.Make joy to your home or kindergarten, you can yourself.But you need to dress your hero befitting his character suit .
you need
  • - colorful fabric for pants;
  • - white cloth collar;
  • - single-colored fabric for blouses;
  • - wide silk ribbon or strip of cloth;
  • - foam;
  • - red gouache;
  • - a thin piece of gum;
  • - pattern pants, blouses and collar
  • - a few big buttons ;;
  • - 6 small buttons;
  • - lace or embroidery;
  • - colorful pompons;
  • - bright socks or stockings;
  • - construction paper;
  • - compasses;
  • - line;
  • - pencil;
  • - adhesive;
  • - scissors;
  • - sewing machine, needles, thread.
Rummage in closets.It may well be that there will be something suitable.Need wide monochrome blouse, wide colorful pants colored stockings or leggings, and something like a cap.The am
ount of work in this case can be somewhat reduced.
Start with blouse.Pick a pattern slightly larger size.Clowns are usually quite spacious s suit, so measurements are not particularly important.It is desirable that style was no small parts and no zipper.In an extreme case, Sew the back zipper.Sew side and shoulder seams Sew sleeves and treat the bottom.Front sew a few large buttons.Buttons can be different.You can sheathe their colorful pieces of fabric.Through the mouth Sew small buttons: 2 on each sleeve, 2 back and 2 on the shelf on either side of "zipper
By the clown suit blouse very wide collar like a musketeer.It may be removable.To construct a pattern to measure neck and calculate the radius of its circle.Draw a circle the appropriate size.On the eyes, define the width of the collar and draw another circle from the same center.Spend radius.From the point of its intersection with the inner circumference of the set aside each side of 2 cm. The outer circle set aside 4 cm in each direction.Points on both circles joined together in straight lines.
Cut out the pattern and set it on a white cloth folded in half.Do not forget about the allowance.Fold the collar parts facing each other.Between the layers of lace insert or sewing.Sour cream and sostrochite, leaving the top edge open.Remove the collar and otgladte.
On the wrong side of the mark up to 6 loops.They must be the same place small buttons on the blouse.Cut and loop Neaten.Pound the inside seam allowances and Stitch on the front side.
Sew pants.Choose a pattern of simple style, without fasteners.Suitable, for example, pajama bottoms.The length is not particularly important.Pants should cover the top a little golf or leggings.
Hats clown, too, are different.Maybe you have an old hat or cap.It remains only to attach the flower a bit fancier.Not finding anything suitable, make a cap.Because of heavy paper carve out a semi-circle whose radius is equal to the height of the bell.Roll it into a bag to acute coincided with the center of the semicircle.Try on her head and cut the excess paper.Sew or glue the back seam.Obtyanite headdress cloth and decorate it pompom or brush.
as shoe fit any shoes or sneakers, regardless of style.Some clowns legs are very large, the temptation to take a bigger shoes.But do not forget that the clown has to move.Therefore it is better to take your own boots and make them sew a lining or pompoms laces.
Clown necessarily need a red nose.You can paint the tip of the nose make-up.But you can make the necessary parts of the foam.Cut a piece of thick foam rubber circle with a diameter of 5-6 cm. Paint it red.The edges of the needle to sew thick solid wool thread and pull.Excess trim.Sew gum.Try nose.He must sit so that the nostrils are open.Tighten the elastic band, if necessary.Cut a piece of ribbon to tie or cut from silk fabric strip of appropriate length.Neaten edges.

Tip 2: How to sew a clown

Clown - a comic character.Many kids love this character because he is cheerful, mischievous and kind.Wherever he appeared, the atmosphere is joyful.
How to sew a clown
you need
  • To make the character you need fabric of bright colors, such as fabric pants better to take two colors - red and yellow, and will suit jacket yellow cloth.
First make a pattern.Draw the outline of a person on the cardboard, just do the body in the form of the vessel as part of the thigh should be more.Next, cut the pattern and drag using bars of soap or a pencil on the fabric light color - white or beige.Wrap the fabric pattern on the need to double in order to make the parts of the back and front.Do not forget to leave the seam allowances.Then cut two pieces, turn to the wrong side and sew, leaving the nezashity cut for packing shapes.Now remove the body clown on the front side.
for stuffing toys using wool, padding polyester or sintepuh.Remember that wool has the ability to slide into lumps and washable toy, stuffed her impossible.Sintepon sintepuh and have more volume, give ease of toy and easy to carry laundry.Start to fill the body of our clown carefully, beginning with the most distant parts.Firmly tamp the legs, arms, head, as the shortage of packing in these parts will result in unattractive sight toys.After the process carefully sew your left segment.
Now you need to draw a clown face .To do this, take the buttons: two black and one red.Sew in place of eyes black buttons and a red nose will toggle.Then take a shred of red color and cut of his likeness lips, not forgetting that the clown always smiling, and then glue them on the glue to our figure.Do the same thing with his eyebrows, just take this black cloth.Cheeks can be issued ordinary blush.Hair made of any fur thread.Collect them in a bun and stick to the head.
clown can make the cap.To do this, cut red fabric two elongated triangle and sew together, leaving one side for mounting nezashitoy head clown .Attach the cap to our figure.As of the end cap can sew beads, it will serve as a pompon.
Now we need to put our clown .For this vykroyte trousers and jacket.Cut parts from different colors of fabric and sew.Remember that clothes should be bright colors.Decorate it with sequins and beads.Well, what kind of suit without a collar?For this vykroyte it from any light material, for example, chiffon organza.Obsheyte cut edge of a loop stitch, and the other to collect the thread.Put over the head clown and tighten.
Then the final part - shoes.To do this, cut from red cloth and sew four oval pairs.Tamp stuffing and sew them at the feet of a clown .Our comic character is ready!
Lining collar can be made of a different fabric of appropriate quality.

can make a clown and cuffs, on the same technology as the collar.

golf or preferably knitted socks.
Helpful Hint
Generally clown can be put on any costume.Required parts - the nose, a large silk bow and a hat or a wig.