you need
  • - flatbed scanner;
  • - software to the scanner;
  • - PC preinstalled with the program Adobe Photoshop.
Take a flatbed scanner with the function of scanning color images.The working surface of the scanner must not be less than the photos that you are going to digitize.Normally, photo archives to digitize home rather A4 scanner, but some (eg, group), and pictures can be large.
Install the supplied with the scanner software on your computer.Connect the scanner to your computer.Put the photo on the working surface of the scanner glass to the image and be sure to close the lid.During the whole process of scanning the scanner cover can not be opened.
On the computer, run Photoshop.From the File menu tab import.
From the displayed list of devices you need to choose your scanner.Next, before you open the scanning window.The preliminary scan and select the area of ​​the photo or area that you want to digitize.
Now you need to set the scan mode.Start with permission.The standard resolution of a digital image has a value of 300 dpi (300 dpi).The smaller the resolution should not be taken.But the photos captured by optical printing, have a higher detail than digital.This allows you to choose the more important scan resolution that can be used later to increase the size of the image.Unfortunately, this method fails when scanning photos on the corrugated fotokartone vypalennyh and digitally printed.
logical scan color photos in color scanning.With monochrome photographs is not so clear.If you want to keep warm tone paper "Bromportret" or texture of an old photograph, it is possible to scan originals as color.Colour scanning helps to make a correction noise or touch-up in layers.It all depends on your choice.If you do not intend to use these techniques, you can select Grayscale (shades of gray).
noise reduction, dust and other additional units should not be abused.Photoshop is a better position to meet these challenges, and it would be better to use it.Sometimes it is advisable to increase the brightness of the scan is too dark photos, but the level of the changes will have to choose experimentally.The process of scanning a photographic print itself is not affected, so you can repeat it if necessary by changing the settings.
Then you can proceed to the process of scanning.It takes some time, after which the picture will appear in the program Photoshop.In this program, you can rotate the image to the desired position, hold color correction, brightness and contrast, crop frame.You can also carry out touch-up, remove the loss, dust and scratches.Photoshop is a very large set of filters that allows you to perform almost any necessary actions with the images.
maximum image quality will ensure the preservation of digitized photos in the format of TIFF (tif).To organize images on photo sharing and more compact storage is now the most used format is JPEG (jpg).Here, the choice is yours.One need only consider that to JPEG image compression results in some loss of information that can not be restored in the reverse converting to TIFF.