Use an external flash.Only it ensures clear photos in dark conditions.Better use of the flash-diffuser medium size (type "shovel").Put it in the TTL mode, make a rear-curtain sync.Never use a long exposure.Shooting without flash is possible, for example, for artists performing on the stage, where the light has enough.In other cases, the lack of it will spoil the picture.
Shoot only in manual mode.Set the shutter speed from 1/60, adjust the aperture, based on lighting (2.8 to 5.6).The brighter the room, the lower the value should be ISO.Typically, the sensitivity range from 640 to 1000.
Set spot metering, which will be a good yield in low light conditions.It will help to make portraits of visitors of the club.Multispectr
al or center-weighted metering will cause the camera compensate unlit areas, which will lead to overexposure of characters on the photo.
Walk club, trying to attract attention.For example, raise the camera up.So you will be able to designate themselves and give direction to those who wish to capture yourself in the vivid colors of the club.Try to be polite and not to refuse anyone in the frame.
Catch brightest moments.Performances of famous DJs, go-go beauty, regular visitors and seasoned party-goers - all of them are worthy of inclusion in the annals of photo stories.But do not lose sight of the attractive ladies, lights on the dance floor, bartenders, to build a pyramid of cocktails, and other attributes of parties in nightclubs.