you need
  • - crochet scheme crochet squares;
  • - yarn;
  • - crochet hooks.
Scheme knitting crochet squares for each product selected according to the purpose of the product.So, for summer shirts squares should be light, delicate.For the mat, it is desirable to make more squares filled in pattern and dense knitting.
Before starting to knit under the scheme, carefully review the scheme of knitting and symbols.If you do not have enough experience for knitting patterns, it is easier for yourself reading scheme.For example, each successive number to select a color scheme with a marker.
selecting and studying the scheme of knitting squares, start knitting
sample.Based on the performance requirements of squares for a particular product, choose a thread (yarn) for knitting and crochet hook of appropriate thickness.
Enter the desired number of circuit stitches for the first row.To move to the next row knit or air loop (as illustrated in the diagram) or column (nakida with or without, depending on the height of the loop the next row).Next knit according to the number of the chosen scheme.Typically, a number of connecting ends column (or polustolbikom).For clear patterning in rows, each subsequent row fit the scheme with lifting loops go to this series.
If the size of the resulting square was less than planned, then tie an additional one - two rows.To figure did not differ from the ground, it is possible to take these series of circuits used.Do not forget to add a proportion to the number of loops.