Prepare the framework for future picture , as well as materials for her - pieces leather and suede in different colors, thicknesses and textures.
Start skin white.Cut it into strips of varying widths and cut their fringe, leaving the uncut edge is 4-5 mm.Then select the suede and leather pieces of the right color, from which you make a flower.
Draw on paper stencil for flower petals, cut it out and put on the skin from the inside.Circle the stencil, and then cut along the contour of the resulti
ng shape of the skin or suede.Cut out as many pieces as you plan to put flowers on his painting.
Then take the pieces skin of a different color, and cut out of it leaves round or oblong.
white stripes leather with fringe cut, twist into a tight spiral, brushing the bottom uncut strip of adhesive.Spread the fringe - you get midway flowers.
Light the candle and hold it over the fire cut leaves and flower petals that are slightly bent and became prominent.On processed over the fire flower blank white glue midway.
Then pick up a beautiful design background material for your painting , which you put into the frame.This may be the original fabric, handmade paper or other materials for decoration floral panels.
Put the background on a flat surface and begin to form on its composition picture .After all the flowers, stems and leaves will be available in the right places, they begin to stick with superglue.Add an additional decoration in the form of lace, buttons and beads.Your picture of skin ready.