Try to make my name Baubles of thread.Take floss or a thin wool yarn several shades - one for the background and one for letters.Learn better in woolen threads, because the nodules are less sprawl.The length of the thread to exceed four times the volume of the finished bracelet.Width choose at will the number of threads arbitrarily.
Tie them in a knot and secure surface.Take a piece of cardboard, plywood, or a small pillow.Select base, it is desirable that it was longer than the other, and begin to make knots - first at the nearest string, and then the next.Some will look identical strip nodules.
Then take the next extreme string, repeat the procedure.In the next row make knots in reverse - they go straight, alternate two rows to the desired length.Go to weaving letters
, change the direction of the nodules.
For example, the main thread weave a few pieces left, then (depending on the size of the letters) to the right, complete a series of knots to the left.Number of adjust yourself if you have decided to weave a word, leave empty passages between the letters.Take a basis for the scheme letters, painted dots (it will nodules).
How to weave Baubles registered
more difficult to weave Baubles Bead.The paper can be used round, faceted, round bugles, select and combine colors and shapes.Use ready-made patterns of weaving or try to come up with a - then the thing will definitely be exclusive.Hand made mascot bought much nicer, especially when you consider the main, symbolic purpose Baubles.