Tip 1: How to restore photos

Digital Cameras entered our lives not so long ago, and many people in the family archives are kept valuable and memorable old photos.Unlike modern digital images, these photographs exist in a single copy, and always wear out over the years, efflorescence and covered with cracks, tears and stains.Using advanced image editors, you can learn to restore old photos, bringing them in digital format the original fresh look.
To start scan photos in high resolution.Look at what you need in a photo retouch and restore.
Begin to correct photos with the biggest and most noticeable defects - with cracks, tears and traces of glue, patches, and so on.To do this, on the toolbar, choose Photoshop Healing brush tool and correct the serious deficiencies of the instrument of photography.
Turning to more small and fine details, use the Spot healing brush.Also, you can help the tool Clone Stamp.These tools will allow small and carefully eliminate point defects, and a stamp tool can be sea
mlessly and efficiently remove large defects, even on the face image of the person.
With Alt-click the mouse on the place where you take a copy of the background of the stamp, and paint them a disadvantage.To begin, try to arrange the background and clothes of people, and as a last resort go to the editing of the face.
It often happens that for some reason, some fragments of pictures have been lost - for example, the image of a man missing one eye and part of his face.It will also help you to Photoshop.
If the person in the photo lacks one eye, select the area with the second eye and a copy to a new layer (Layer via copy).Transform the eye, using Edit & gt; Free Transform, and flip the eyes horizontally (Flip horizontal).
Place a copy of the person in the right place, and lower the opacity with a copy of the eye.In the reduced transparency correlate with the previous position of the eye, and then return to the level of transparency of 100%.
In the mask layer soft black brush paint over the areas that need to be eliminated in the photograph.Restore the fine details, and using the Clone Stamp tool deformation.
After repairing all the defects, open the menu of filters and reduce the noise level (Reduce Noise), and then restore the image clarity.In the Curves, set a suitable position curves to picture became brighter and livelier.

Tip 2: How to restore old photos

Time does not spare photos , they grow old, fade, covered with cracks, simply deteriorate.Restoration of old photos from a professional can be very expensive, but you can do it on their own, mastering the skills to work in a graphics editor.
Old pictures can give a second life
you need
  • - old photos
  • - Scanner
  • - editing
Choose the desired photos and digitize them usingscanner.When scanning try to put the highest possible resolution, to reduce the loss of information.If you do not have a scanner, you can perefotografirovat pictures with a digital camera, but their quality while significantly affected.
as graphic editor you can use as known to all Adobe Photoshop, and its free alternative to GIMP.Almost all editors have to set their instruments option "automatic enhancement photos ».After pressing the button it, the program analyzes the image and automatically corrects parameters such as brightness, contrast, levels, color saturation.
But the main trouble of the old pictures - cracks and creases formed on them for a long time.You can remove them using the tool "cloning", copying the information in the damaged area from the nearby areas of the photo.Specify the program area of ​​the image, from which she will copy the information by clicking the mouse while holding down the Alt key and draw accurately all the damage.
Retouching photos business not fast and rather laborious.It may well be that on the first photo you will break the whole day or even longer.But gradually you nabete hand, recovery shots will be much faster and, moreover, to bring a lot of fun.
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