main heroine of the film is an attractive teenage girl Jasna, who lives in a small Serbian town.Her father was constantly ill, and his mother did not consider it necessary to maintain a decent lifestyle.Family material and psychological problems of adolescence and the girl led her to drugs and early sex.

Jasna does not want to live like her parents, but can not find the path to a successful future.His risky experiment girl only exacerbates the situation.Drugs and sexual intercourse with random people can not reconcile with reality and does not help to achieve happiness.

«clip», of course, does not produce benevolently-chaste impressions.The scenes on the screen cruel, painful and makes the viewer think.But the film and was not created as an entertainm
ent or children.The film is addressed to an adult audience indifferent.He was awarded the "Golden Tiger" at the Rotterdam festival.The jury then recognized honesty, frankness and sincerity "clip".Reputable filmmakers found the film useful, because it makes you think about the young generation, but the silence and ignoring the existing problems does not solve them.

Ministry of Culture of Russia has decided not to issue a "clip" rolling certificate, thus Russian movie theaters will not go.Press service of the Ministry gave an explanation of the decision, saying that the film is replete with scenes of pornography, obscenities, frames, where teens use drugs.Everyone knows that many Russian theaters not too strictly observe the age limit in the pursuit of profit, so the film could be seen by minors.

But "Clip" still show in St. Petersburg as part of the Film Festival "Message to Man".The organizing committee and the management of the event assured that they will strictly ensure that the observed age limit to view this controversial picture.The director of the scandalous "clip" M. Milos joined the jury.