you need
  • - camera;
  • - lighting;
  • - rent the studio;
  • - model.
study the history of painting.Analyze the portraits made by artists in different eras.Notice how well understood the very definition of the portrait.If you are asked to make a photograph that does not mean that you should be limited only to take pictures of a person.Portrait - a genre in painting or photo that captures a person.It called not only a portrait of a close-up image of the face.The picture, which depicts a man in full growth, is also a portrait.This means that your job is to work during the shoot not only expr
ession but also with the rest of the body (arms, body, feet, etc.).
Ask the person to arrange hands so that he was as comfortable as possible.If a man puts his arms behind his back, or removes, do not panic.Maybe he feels awkward, but he just went into your studio.Take a few snapshots with the position of the hands.You will see people calmed down a bit and revealed.Then you will not have to ask him to put his hands on his knees or shoulders.He begins to experiment himself.
create images.Let the position of the hands, feet, rotate the housing body plays to create an image.It all depends on who you shoot.If you want to create a romantic portrait, ask your model of a hand to his chin, look slightly to the side.
If you shoot a man, just be more appropriate to ask him to keep his hands on his knees, one hand or he can keep on his belt.He can sit or stand.Make sure that the provision of hands was convenient for him and looked natural.
Offer young model used to create the image of the make-up or henna.To this end, invite the artist to shoot.Many girls like to put your hands on the drawings of henna.It looks very elegant.Combine these beautifully decorated with hand manner, which is trying to create.Maybe she wants to try on the eastern outfit or bring his hand to his eyes, so that figure could be seen.
If you shoot an old man first discuss that in the portrait he wants.This is especially important if you shoot an elderly woman.It is said that the hands of women give age.It really is.Therefore, guided by the situation.Your task - to make a portrait, which came to your lady will be satisfied.Do not deprive her of the pleasure.Choose the position of the hands and body that will highlight its advantages.