you need
  • - rope or twine;
  • - knife or scissors;
  • - line;
  • - wedges;
  • - metal anchor with hook 10h50;
  • - 2 rings.
Consider one of the ways to weave hammock.Take two bars with a thickness of 3 to 4 cm width equal length hammock.The entire length of the bars drill holes at a distance of 6 to 8 cm. Prepare the rope, it must pass freely into the drilled holes in the bars.Then the rope cut into pieces.The length of each such portion should be 3 times longer than the hammo
ck, and segments 2 times more than one bar holes.Prepare two rings through which a hammock will dress for the hooks screwed into the post-holders hammock.
start weaving.In each hole on the bar just two threaded length of rope.They are then threaded into the ring, bent by 10 cm and fixed node.The distance between the bar and the ring anyway?the length of the hammock.
mesh hammock have done so: from the opening ends of the ropes out of the bar.We need to tie knots in pairs, that is, the cord from one hole, bound with a cord from another hole.If the binding cords in a way that will turn the cell - grid.As soon as the grid is the desired length, finish weaving, but in the very last row of the cell must be positioned in the same way as in the first.
ends of ropes threaded through the holes of the second pairs of the bar and are attached to the ring.At the edge of the grid can be to pass a strong rope to the hammock stretched not much under load.To safely hang the hammock, use anchor with a metal hook 10h50.Such anchors are used for the swing.But remember, poles or other supports for hanging the hammock should be very strong.Drive the anchor into a pole and hang a hammock ready for the ring.You can lie down and rest.